Handmade Paper Company in Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton Natural, Sustainable Handmade Paper Making Services

JUST IMPRESSIONS PAPER COMPANY celebrates the beauty of handmade paper, with expert craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

Recycled Paper Hamilton

All Paper Sheets capture the beauty of artisanal paper made from simple materials in a timeworn manner. The organic texture of the paper surface and four deckle edges lend the paper its distinctive appeal. Imperfections in handmade paper are a mark of the handmade paper making process and should be seen as part of the beauty of the paper not as a flaw.

Any Paper Sheet is easily enhanced with printer, pen, paint, ink, or graphite mediums for your art practice or stationary purposes.

Containers are individually cast from eco-friendly fibres in a unique papermaking process. Unless noted in the description, they do not have a coating of any kind on the exterior. They are suitable for dry ingredients.

Books, Albums and Notebooks are handmade with traditional bookbinding techniques and materials from the papermaking process.